tamok Gore-Tex Pants LTD (W)


ミリタリージャケットにインスパイアされた、フリーライディング・スノーパンツです。レギュラーカット仕様です。最新の Gore-Tex® C-Knit を採用しています。ジッパーとスナップでスノースカートと連結できるだけでなく、別売のビブの装着も可能です。外腿にカーゴポケット、内腿側にメッシュベンチレーションカスタムフィット・ウェストベルト、スノーゲイター、Codura® 素材で補強された裾を配しています。

Weight 620 gr. | Model nr. 1203-17
GORE-TEX® C-KNIT™ Backer Technology specificallyengineered for hikers, trekkers, and freeriders,offering the ruggedness of a 3-layer laminate teamedup with the look and feel of a soft fabric. The result:extremely versatile waterproof garments for alloutdoor enthusiasts looking for outstanding comfortwithout compromising on functionality and durability.The durability of a product is directly related to sustainability,as well as getting maximum enjoyment fromoutdoor activities. Technical specification:Waterproof: min. 28,000 mm* Breathablility: High, down to 6 RET**Windproofness: 100%* ISO 811-test** ISO11092-test
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With this feature you can attach the powderskirt on the jacket with buttons to the pants to prevent snow getting in between the jacket and the pants.
Reinforcements to protect the pants from wear and tear on the ankles.
Technical details Extra wide belt loops
This will make you fit wide belts on your pants
Technical details Snow gaiters
Gaiters inside the legs to prevent snow from coming in
The thighs have a zipper on the inside with YKK water resistant zippers for great ventilation. The opening have a mesh to prevent snow coming in.
This product are made to fit a zip in Bib (the Bib is bought separately)