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テクニカルなグリッド仕様のファーストレイヤータイツです。あらゆる気象条件に驚くほどの保温力と快適性を産み出す、画期的なウィンターアンダーウェアです。Polartec® Power Dry のストレッチ素材をグリッド裏地に仕上げ、通気性や速乾性にも優れています。首元や袖のストレッチ部分には軽量の Polartec® Powerstretch® を使用しています。究極のアンダーウェアの登場です。

Weight 140 gr. | Model nr. 2503-16
Polartec® Power Stretch® is a breathable, body-hugging, 4-way stretch, one-side fleece designed to keep you drier when you sweat and provide warmth without added weight. Outside face is smooth to provide better freedom of movement under shells.
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Thermal Pro® creates air pockets that trap air and retain body heat, providing outstanding warmth without much weight. These fabrics offer excellent breathability and dry quickly.
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Follow the attached washing instructions for the Norrøna baselayer. Machine wash gentle cycle (40°C /104℉) with gentle soap. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.
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