røldal Gore-Tex PrimaLoft Pants (M)


アーバン・フリーライディング向けにデザインされた中綿入りスノー・シェルパンツです。ロングレングスの丈でゆったりとしたフィット感です。素材はブラッシュ加工されたGORE-TEX® 2レイヤー生地とインナーにPrimaLoft™ Silver 100g/㎡中綿を採用し、快適な保温力を有しています。カスタムフィットで調節できる裾のベルクロ、腿のメッシュ・ベンチレーションジッパー、フットゲイター、などを配し、ジャケットのスノースカートを外して連結できるZip-Seal System™とスノースカートを使用したSnap Seal System™の両機能を有しています。

Weight 1030 gr. | Model nr. 5201-15
A GORE-TEX® 2-layer fabric is suitable for a wide range of activities. Protected from the inside by a free hanging lining. A GORE-TEX® membrane is laminated to the outer fabric providing a supple, light weight weather protection that is highly breathable, softer and quieter than the general GORE-TEX® 3–layer.
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PrimaLoft™ is a patented micro-structure that gives great thermal insulation to help the body maintain its temperature, minimizing energy loss. Extremely light and soft, it was originally developed by the US Army to replace natural down. As down absorbs moisture, it becomes wet and loses its thermal-insulating abilities. PrimaLoft™ absorbs three times less water, is 14% warmer when dry and 24% warmer when wet, than the competitive insulation. Primaloft Silver Active 60 weights 60 grams/meter2
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Reinforcements to protect the pants from wear and tear on the ankles.
Technical details Snow gaiters
Gaiters inside the legs to prevent snow from coming in
Technical details Zip-seal system™
Zip-seal system™ to connect jackets and pants together