Wool Longs (W)



  • 防風性2
  • 保温性3
  • 透湿性4
  • 耐久性5
  • 軽量性4
  • 伸縮性4
  • 急汗速乾性4
  • 単位重量辺りの保温性3
Weight 180 gr. | Model nr. 2703-16
  • 89% Merino wool and 11% PolyamidlOpen

    Our temperature regulating and highly breathable wool fabric consists of 89% fine merino wool,17,5 microns thick, providing a soft and comfortable feel. 11% polyamide makes the fabric more durable and quick drying. The fabric weight is 170 gr/m2, and the thickness is in the sweet spot for regulating temperatures all seasons with different activity levels, keeping you warm even when wet. Natural resistance to microbial growth reduces smell. Our merino wool is all natural and comes from Australian bred sheep living on grass, water, sunshine and rain. It is of course mulesing free, and traceable.