para ranger synkron Pack 120L



Weight 3860 gr. | Model nr. 0045-00
The anatomic system is built up around the well tested flat and stiff synkron rail frame at the middle of the back. Working as an external frame it stabilizes the content of the pack and gives the pack good load bearing capacity. The basic idea of the harness design is to ergonomically spread the carry load on a larger area to improve comfort. Ergonomically shaped and laminated multi-density shoulder straps spread the pack load through the whole carry strap contact area and provide stability and comfort. The synkron hip belt provides high load capacity and carry comfort through four main design features: ergonomic shape, the Delrin Rod™, a counterforce web solution, and the well known Synkron™ hip rotation. 1)Aluminium rail at the centre of the back of the pack. With height adjustment of the shoulder straps. 2)Hip belt rotation fixed to the bottom of the centre rail.3)Shaped multi-density shoulder straps, with supportive foam padding. 4)Top lifter straps on shoulder straps for stability and load distribution on shoulders.5)Shoulder straps with shoulder pillow for protection.6)Adjustable chest strap at front of shoulder strap.7)Body height man 170–190 cm/ woman 160–180 cm. 8) Weight load: 15 kg to 25 kg.