lofoten super lightweight down Jacket (M)



Weight 228 gr. | Model nr. 1008-17
Pertex Quantum uses incredibly fine yarns, precisely woven to provide a very lightweight yet strong and durable fabric for its weight. Its softness allows down and synthetic insulation to fully loft. This fabric is windproof.
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Our down products use the highestavailable down quality that we can find, which is aby-product of the food industry (in contrast to beingkilled just for insulation). All treatment ofthe birds complies with European standards, andthe highly specialized washing of the down passesthe Oeko-Tex 100 standards. Our down850™ meansdown fill power from 850 to 900 cu in/oz with thepercentage of down cluster from 93–96%.
CSR goal RDS certification
This product have a collar designed to protect you from the cold.