fjørå Windstopper Gloves (M/W)


寒くて乾燥したコンディションにバイクを楽しむために開発されたグローブです。フリースの裏地が貼られた、Windstopper® softshell生地は伸縮性や保温性に優れ、高い透湿性と防風性を誇ります。手のひらは耐久性が高く、グリップの良い人工皮革で作られています。

Weight 60 gr. | Model nr. 2203-18
A stretch fabric for outer shell jackets, Gore Windstopper® Soft Shell protects against cool winds and provides great flexibility of movement. The fabric offers great breathability for high-energy activities, and is impregnated to aid water repellency, although not entirely waterproof. Built to withstand rough treatment for a long time.Technical specification:Breathability: High to very high, 5-7 RET*Windproofness: 100%* ISO11092-test
Synthetic leather inside for durability and grip