fjørå dri1 Pants (M)


軽量で、どんな天候の変化でも対応するために高い透湿性と防水性を誇る、バイクアクティビティーのためのパンツです。肌寒い日にはタイツやベースレイヤーを重ね着できるように設計されたパンツです。Custom-fit waist system™、膝やヒップに配されたストレッチパネル、腿の大きなポケット、腰のシリコングリップ、ベンチレーションと裾幅を調整するためのジッパーを備え、バイクとの干渉を防ぐためスリムフィットになっています。

Weight 260 gr. | Model nr. 2208-18
A 2.5-layer technical fabric, dri™1 is constructed with face fabric laminated to a printed membrane on the backside. Without needing a liner, it is a soft, ultra-lightweight, low-volume protective material using a hydrophilic system of moisture transportation rather than microporous holes. Suitable for biking, walking, hiking and other outdoor sports where it’s important to shield the body against rain and wind. Technical Specifications:Waterproof: min. 20,000 mm Breathability: Very Good min. 20,000Windproofness: 100%* ISO811-test** JIS-L 1099 B2-inverted cup test
Technical details Ankle with velcro adjustment
Easy to adjust ankle width with velcro
Technical details Reflective safety logo
This product have a reflective logo, and possibly several reflective details.
In the waist you find a line of silicon, which makes the pants not slide down when doing activities.