falketind warm1 stretch Sweater (W)


フォルケティンコレクションの中で最も薄手で、ジップフードと同じ機能を持った軽量のミッドレイヤーフリースです。着心地が良く通気性に優れたPolartec®Power Stretchのパネルと、耐久性のあるPolartec®のリサイクル生地を組み合わせ、柔らかく、ほつれに強いジップフードに仕上げました。プロテクションに優れたジップネック、カンガルーポケットを備え、小さな胸ポケットに収納できる使用になっています。

Weight 280 gr. | Model nr. 1871-17
Weighing under 200 grams/m², these are our lightest fleeces. Perfect as a mid-layer, or wear it instead of a jacket without compromising on insulation and breathability. These fleeces are among the best in the market. Their unique constructions and structures are perfect for different types of activities, as they trap warm air without stopping moisture transport. When used alone, the fabrics are open enough to allow air to circulate, making you feel comfortable in milder conditions. Under a shell they provide excellent insulation values.
Polartec® Power Stretch® Pro™ is engineered to push the performance of the base stretch fabrics even further. By reinforcing the elastic fibers on the exterior surface Polartec® enhanced the overall 4-way stretch for more support and stability during movement. This unique construction allows for increased resistance and durability against the elements without sacrificing breathability or comfort. Polartec® Power Stretch Pro™ is constructed with a Polyamide outside for long lasting durability.
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