falketind warm1 Jacket (M)


NORRØNAのプロダクツの中で汎用性の広い、一年中を通して使用できる軽量フリースジャケットです。毛玉のできにくいソフトな肌触りのwarm™1生地は、耐久性のあるPolartec® Thermal Pro®リサイクル素材を使用しています。各部に使用されているPower Stretch®は動きやすさを実現しています。保温力を高めるために襟は高めにデザインされており、ポケットはハーネスに干渉しないよう上側に付けられています。

Weight 340 gr. | Model nr. 1802-17
Weighing under 200 grams/m², these are our lightest fleeces. Perfect as a mid-layer, or wear it instead of a jacket without compromising on insulation and breathability. These fleeces are among the best in the market. Their unique constructions and structures are perfect for different types of activities, as they trap warm air without stopping moisture transport. When used alone, the fabrics are open enough to allow air to circulate, making you feel comfortable in milder conditions. Under a shell they provide excellent insulation values.
Polartec® Power Stretch® is a breathable, body-hugging, 4-way stretch, one-side fleece designed to keep you drier when you sweat and provide warmth without added weight. Outside face is smooth to provide better freedom of movement under shells.
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This product have a collar designed to protect you from the cold.