dovre dri3 Pants (M/W)

あらゆる天候や激しい環境にも対応できるよう、耐久性、静音性、軽量性に優れた、山岳ハンティング用のdri™3 防水パンツです。

あらゆる天候や激しい環境にも対応できるよう、耐久性、静音性、軽量性に優れた、山岳ハンティング用のdri™3 防水パンツです。ブラッシュ加工された表地とソフトなdri™3防水メンブレンの新素材です。サイドのベンチレーションジッパー、ハンドウォーマーポケット、YKK止水ジッパー、シリコングリップ付きのベルクロによって調節可能な裾、内蔵ゲイターフックなどを配しています。

Weight 500 gr. | Model nr. 6411-14
dri™3 is a 3-layer, ultra-thin, stretchy, non-porous, hydro­philic membrane that provides high levels of waterproofness and breathability. Technical Specifications:Waterproof: 20,000 mm *Breathability: Very Good, min. 20,000 **Windproofness: 100%* ISO811-test** JIS-L 1099 B2-inverted cup test
Washing your GORE-TEX® and dri products will prolong the life of the product. This is how you should wash GORE-TEX® and dri products: Remember to close all zippers and Velcro. The garment should be washed at 40 degrees, with a mild detergent and no softening or rinsing agents. Do not use bleach. Softeners, rinsing agents and bleaches can damage the fabric’s water-resistant properties (not the membrane/waterproofing) and the color of the fabric. Rinse the garment twice, if possible. Use water repellent spray on the outside of the garment after washing for optimal water-resistance (this has nothing to do with the waterproof quality of the garment, but makes it easier for water to roll off the outer fabric). Dry the garment on a low setting in the dryer, if you like, or iron it at a low temperature. Warmth helps to reactivate the waterproofing. The garment must be dry before washing and before being put away.
Washing and product care
Technical details Ankle with velcro adjustment
Easy to adjust ankle width with velcro
Gaiter hook for connecting the pants to the shoes, via the shoe laces. Protects you from getting snow into your pants/shoes and protects the pants from gliding up your leg.
Attachment for 40mm suspenders can be added to these pants. Bought separately.
Technical details Extra wide belt loops
This will make you fit wide belts on your pants