bitihorn Gore-Tex Active 2.0 Jacket (W)

強度の高いGore-Tex Active 2.0素材を採用したこのジャケットはbitihornコレクションの中で最も高い透湿性を誇る3レイヤージャケットです。

強度の高いGore-Tex Active 2.0素材を採用したこのジャケットはbitihornコレクションの中で最も高い透湿性を誇る3レイヤージャケットです。ビーニーフィットのフード、ベンチレーション機能を備えた胸のポケット、リフレクター機能を持つロゴや伸縮性のあるカフを配し、高い収納性と悪天候に対する保護性能を備えています。軽さと高い透湿性を求めるアクティビティーに最適な1枚です。

Weight 140 gr. | Model nr. 2647-18
Garments made with GORE-TEX® Active fabric are durably waterproof, windproof and extremely breathable – the most breathable fabric in the GORE-TEX® product family.Meeting the intense aerobic demands of the alpine athlete, these fabrics are the ideal solution for highly aerobic done-in-a-day activities, even in bad weather. Garments made with GORE-TEX® Active fabric are lightweight and soft, with excellent next-to-skin comfort, thanks to reliable moisture management. The fabric’s construction keeps your body dry by reducing the accumulation of sweat so you stay cool during activity and warm during cool-down. With GORE-TEX® Active fabric, you can put the garment on, leave it on and focus on the experience rather than your clothing.Technical specification:Waterproof: min. 28,000 mm* Breathablility: High, down to 3 RET**Windproofness: 100%* ISO 811-test** ISO11092-test
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Storm hood fitted for having a beanie inside.
Technical details Reflective safety logo
This product have a reflective logo, and possibly several reflective details.