bitihorn flex1 Pants (W)


春~秋での使用を想定して作られたNORRØNAのコレクションの中で最も薄く、軽量なパンツです。flex1生地は柔軟性と速乾性に優れ、暖かい気候でのトレッキングを快適にします。携帯電話も収納できる、内側にメッシュの付いた2つのハンドポケットや裾に施されたフィッティング機能、Custom-fit waist system™、ゲイターフックを備えています。

Weight 220 gr. | Model nr. 2636-18
A single ply stretchy fabric that provides wind resistance and water-repellent while allowing improved moisture vapour transportation rates compared to waterproof products. These specially designed fabrics have all the attributes we expect in a Soft Shell: stretch, water-repellency, wind resistance and excellent moisture vapour transportation.
Lighweight Custom-fit waist system™ for adjustment of the waist, through loop attachment.
To save weight, and in addition be able to adjust the lower leg opening, there are elastic adjustment on the lower leg.
Gaiter hook for connecting the pants to the shoes, via the shoe laces. Protects you from getting snow into your pants/shoes and protects the pants from gliding up your leg.